African Rhythms (Polydor France1969 /cinédiscstudios 2002)
African Cookbook

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Randy Weston

...an elegant and distinguished piano, a drummed and "out of time" piano.

African Rhythms - LP Cover

Album 'African Rhythms'

Produced By Robin Hemingway
For Cinédiscstudios.com, Inc.
Released originally on Polydor-France;
Rereleased by Cinedisc Studios.com on
Comet Records-France.
A Robin Production


  1   African Cookbook (Randy Weston)
  2   A Night In Medina (Randy Weston)
  3   Jajouka (Randy Weston)
  4   Marrakech Blues (Randy Weston)
  5   Con Alma (Dizzy Gillespie)
  6   Afro-Black (Randy Weston)
  7   Little Niles (Randy Weston)
  8   Niger Mambo (Bobby Benson)
  9   C.W.Blues (Randy Weston)
10   Pam's Waltz (Randy Weston)
11   Hi-Fly (Randy Weston/Jon
       Hendricks/Percy Heath)
12   Penny Packer Blues (Randy Weston)
13   Waltz For Sweet Cakes (Randy
14   Out Of The Past (Benny Golson)

Randy Weston: Piano & Grunts
Niles Weston: Conga
Art Taylor: Drums Reebop Kwabu Baah, Conga, Chants & Cowbells
Henri Texier: Bass
"I don't call my music "jazz". In the United States, we are very...
From its first recorded traces, "Jazz "points to Africa as one of its sources of inspiration. Like a future groove on which people can dig to recover their mind, and their ancestral memory.

J.D.:  "When did you meet Randy Weston? And what did he mean to you?"
Robin Hemingway.:  "I like the sound of the piano, and Randy Weston has always represented the last figure of the artist. Not only in jazz, but also in blues and in certain way in classic. He has got a kind of magical touch. I met him for the first time at the Jazz Gallery, a club in New York. His group - with Cecil Payne, on great baritone sax, I do recall - was sharing the stage with Monk's group, when Charlie Rouse was playing tenor sax. During the break, Monk, Rouse and myself went outside to get some fresh air & a smoke. As we were walking, we talked about Randy's playing, and Monk pointed out his respect for his disciple and the sound of his keyboard. This is just to say that Randy represents to me one of the most original and creative musicians of the New York scene. And even more so, since his stays in Morocco, where he was initiated into such a powerful music it enriched his spirituality, and deeply changed his vision of rhythms."
Randy Weston was recorded by Robin Hemingway in June/July 1969 in Paris, France at Polydor's Rue des Dames studios in the 18th arrondissement.
Robin Hemingway encountered many problems during these recordings (2 albums), including having to engineer most of the recording of the musicians himself. Finding it difficult to explain to the recording engineer at Polydor's des Dames' Studio that he didn't want to record Jazz as Jazz, but Jazz as Rock an' Roll (giving the music the full, round sound normally accorded recordings of R & R or Blues, but never recordings of Jazz), he sat at the console himself.

The directors of the studios were scandalized and threatened to cancel the sessions but it all came to nought: Hemingway barricaded the doors of the studio and continued recording all day until late evening.
When they finally stopped and were ready to leave the studio, the director called on the intercom telephone. The engineer assured him the recording was coming along well and there was no cause for panic: "Monsieur Hémingway à  crée un son nouveau pour le Jazz! ( Mister Hemingway has created a new sound for Jazz!)"

Music Samplers mp3
A Night In Medina
Pam's Waltz
Penny Packer Blues
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