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Ballads In A Diplomatic Lounge

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An exciting, down to earth, soulful Tenor and alto saxman, Wiggins gives to his audience always more than a 100 per cent when he performs...


CD 'Ballads In A Diplomatic Lounge'

Preproduction in Kingsalleestudio Berlin, Germany
Recorded, Mix and Mastered at Bettstudio Berlin-Kreuzberg in April 2004
Coverphoto by Floyd Brothers
Executive Producers G. Bertram / G. Wiggins for ALLZEIT MUSIK

CD   'Ballads In A Diplomatic Lounge'

  1   The Look Of Love
  2   My Romance
  3   Angel Eyes
  4   In A Sentimental Mood
  5   Sweet Bossa
  6   What's Going On
  7   Blue Bossa
  8   Yes, I Love You Too
  9   Body And Soul
10   That's All
11   Blue Moon
12   When The Saints

Lionel Haas - keyboards
Daryl Taylor - bass
Veronika Vogel - Guitar
Zam Johnson - electronic percussion
Gert Bertram - drum programming &
recording engineer

Music Samplers mp3
Angel Eyes
The Look Of Love
Blue Moon
When The Saints
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