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Releases / Demos
Get Your Business Straight (Musicor 110.1)
Asskicking Blues
(Bludamusic 001)
Good Time Blues (Acoustic Music Records)
Fool For The Ladies (Wonderland Records)
Big Legs, Short Skirts (Furniture Records)
Dreher Blues "Live" (Pannon Jazz)
EB Davis - Live In Hungary (Pannon Jazz)
Yard Boy (Bludamusic)
Live At Yorckschlösschen, Vol.1 (RSI Records)
This Woman, The Devil And Me (RSI Records)
I Wanna Talk About You (Furniture Records)
Take It Or Leave It (Doggone 99003)
I Write The Checks (Faust Records)
Live At Yorckschlösschen, Vol.2 (Tone)

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Norman Darwen,  Blueprint
"The man can sing!
EB Davis can just as easily tackle a Roy Brown number as he can a James Brown. He has a slightly jazz-inflected way of riding the rhythm that brings to mind the great Bobby Bland."

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CD 'Live At The  Yorckschlösschen'

Recorded Live 28th October 1998
RSI Records Production 1998
YRB 2004

Sound Engeneer & Mixing Gilbert Merker
Mixing Studio  RSI Studio Berlin


 1   Things Ain't What
       They Used To Be (Ellington)
  2   Blues Town ( Davis)
  3   Can't Stand Myself (Brown)
  4   This Time (Davis)
  5   Stand By Me (King)
  6   Higher Ground (Davis)
  7   Dock Of The Bay (Redding / Cropper)
  8   B 4 U Accuse Me (McDaniel)
  9   Ain't Nobody But You (Davis)
10   Honest I Do (Reed)
11   Fool For The Ladies (Davis)
12   Georgia (Carmichael)

Trombone: Tony Hurdle
Saxophone / Bandleader: Willie Pollack
Trumpet: Don Marriott
Guitar: Mike Russell
Bass: Mike Watts
Drums: Lenjes Robinson
Keyboards: Helmut Bruger
Horn Solos: Gary Wiggins
Special Guests: Freddie Fischkal, Guitar; Sven Hoffmann, Rhythm Guitar; Katona Tamás, Guitar; Juergen Bailey, Guitar; B. Plant, Harmonica
In his long career as a Bluesman he had done over 7000 concerts in more than 60 different countries.
"EB Davis, he has been described by Living Blues Magazine as being one of the true "sweat men" of the blues; giving it all up for the audience every time he takes the stage. On the 2001 release of I Write The Checks, EB Davis teams up with a tight blues combo from that "blues hotbed," The Czech Republic, to assemble one great record. Clearly, in this collaboration with Jan Korinek & Groove, EB Davis puts his three ingredients of good performance; "Look good, entertain and, most important of all, sound good," in a package that is certain to do its magic on any lover of the blues on the smooth side."
© 2002 by Dave "Doc" Piltz, and Blues On Stage
Mike Stephenson about The Amsterdam Blues Festival
"One of the revelations of the festival was singer EB Davis [...]. His support team, "The Superband", comprising six musicians including brass were a very tight outfit. EB's a showman and some more. He has a commanding stage presence and he took control of his band and the audience from the outset.(...) He used his vocal chords to the maximum and his dancing all over the stage led into a highly enjoyable set. He interspersed some of the high energy numbers with some intimate slow blues. English promoters need to be aware of this man and his band as he would show many how to do it right."
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Fool For The Ladies
Blues Town
This Time
Higher Ground
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