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Put Your Gun Down

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Member of Daddy Robin Hemingway & His  Blackriders Orchestra


CD Put Your Gun Down

Producers: Elisabeth Merel, Rokki Mason
Engineered By Rokki Mason
Music Written By Dikoto Mandengué
Mastering: Tom Parham
c & p Jazz Projects 2000, all rights reserved
Beverly Hills California U.S.A

CD   'Put Your Gun Down'

  1   Mama Lion
  2   Jambo The Gambler
  3   Likambo Means Something Man
  4   Dikoto Style
  5   Why Why Njepe Why?
  6   Put Your Gun Down
  7   I Am Going Too, Menke, Menke
  8   We Are Calling You Farafina

Dikoto Mandengue - Electric Guitars, Bass Guitars
Rokki Mason - Drums, Keybord, Trumpet, Bass Trumpet
Dwight Baldwin - congas on Dikoto Style

Music Samplers mp3
Mama Lion
Dikoto Style
Put Your Gun Down
We Are Calling You Farafina
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