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Les Retrouvailles

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Member of Daddy Robin Hemingway & His
Blackriders Orchestra


CD 'Les Retrouvailles'

Produced By J.D. Mandengué & J-C Kutta
Recorded at Tapis Rouge Studio Paris by Tim Jesop
Mixed by Tim Jessop, J.D. Mandengué & J-C Kutta
Mastered at Top Master - Paris

"Special thanks to Teddy Osei who really helped me spiritually, also to Sol Amarfio, Koffi Ayivor, Kiki Gian, Mac Tontoh from Osibisa London.
Thanks to Manu Dibango, Mapoka Akwa, Ekambi Brillant, Nkotti Francois, Nguini Vincent, Amobe Mevegue, Alain Foka, Claudy Siar, Robert Brazza, Nago Seck, Bernard Peter, Georges Dayas Eyoum, Alex Bougha, Essoh Priso, Ben & Peter.
Other thanks to Paolo from the Netherlands.

CD 'Les retrouvailles'

  1   Kosa mba
  2   Makane
  3   Les retrouvailles
  4   Super Fly Man
  5   Saso Makosa
  6   The Lions indomptables
  7   Woyaya
  8   Songo'a esèlè
  9   Suwele mba
10   Le droit de vivre en liberté

All songs arranged & directed by Jean Dikoto Mandengué
Piano & Keybords -Tom Mc Clung
Drums - Valéry Lobe
Other Drums - Mambo
percussions - Jerô
Sax (alto, tenor, soprano) - Patrick Bourgouin
Lead guitars - Jean Dikoto Mandengué, Tim Jessop in Saso Makosa
Other guitars - Jean N'Keitchabia (Jean La Foudre)
Chorus - Robin Hemingway, Stanley, Agnes
Lead vocals - Jean Dikoto Mandengué

Music Samplers mp3
Kosa Mba
Super Fly Man
The Lions Indomptables
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