Deutsche Oper Berlin - Concert Red Light Blues Night

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Blackriders Tango
Red Light Blues Night

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Artist Bio/Info:

Christophe Sorci, piano

Various Musiciens:
Maja Toure, fluit
Richard Raux, saxophone, piano
Detroit Gary Wiggins, saxophone
Tony Hurdle, trombone
Varick Grant, bass guitar
Loomis Green, guitars
Rico McClarrin, drums
Souleman Toure, percussion

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Red Light Blues Night - CD Cover

Produced By A Robin Direction
C & P 2000 Jitney Jane Songs, California
Recorded On Location:
Deutsche Oper Berlin
Latitudes St. Germain, Paris
Cinemaxx Colosseum, Berlin
Kulturhaus I.M. Eimer, Berlin
CBE Studios, Paris


  1     Red Ligh Blues Night
  2     Lawdy Rolla (Hemingway/Stewart)
  3     Back In The Delta (Hemingway/Sorci)
  4     Put Yo' Gun Down # 2
  5     Wanna Be Yo' Doctor (Hemingway)
  6     Hypin' Woman Blues # 2 (Hemingway)
  7     Je Suis Venu Te Dire (Gainsbourgh,
         EDS. Melody Nelson - SACEM)
  8     Last Train Is Comin'
  9     Even Yo' Mama Know / Hoochie
         Coochie (Hemingway/Dixon, Jitney Jane
         Songs, BMI / Arc Music - BMI)
10     Hoboin' / Hobo De Hobo
         (Hooker/Hemingway, Copyright Control /
         Jitney Jane Songs - BMI)
11     Malcolm X (Singer, SACEM /
12     Wintertime & Summer / Summertime
         Jitney Jane Songs - BMI / Chappell Music
         - BMI)
13     Blues, How Do You Do? (Hemingway)
14     Flyin' Squad (Hemingway/Dikoto/Sorci)
15     Blackriders Tango (Hemingway/Vogel)
16     Poontang (Talkin' 'Bout)
Robin Hemingway - Lead Vocals, Kazoo, Percussion  /  Jean Dikoto Mandengué
Backing Vocals:
Jaqueline Miller / Jane Hemingway / Archie Miller / Veronika Vogel / Jean Dikoto / Christophe Sorci
Solos & Rhythms:
Jean Dikoto Mandengué - Bass Guitar  /  Christophe Sorci - Piano, Sythesizers, Synth Bass  /  Veronika Vogel - Guitar  /  Phil Berry - Drums  /  Loomis Green - Guitar  /  Souleyman Touré - Talking Drums, Percussion
Violins - Christine Bunning / Dr. Gregor Nussbaum / Dr. Ute Kriechbaum / Margarete Habenicht / Dr. Ulrich Tauber / Anja Sturm / Wolfgang Kraas
Violas - Kerstin Ochs / Nicola Westphal / Harald Först
Cellos - Wiebke Lange / Bernd-Detlef Lange / Thomas Albrecht
Contrabasses - Dr. Bernd Rössiger / Bodo Przyborowski
String Arrangements:
Patrick Walliser
Kevin McCutcheon
Solos, Rhythms & Horns:
Aaron T. Bone Walker - Guitar  /  Hal Singer - Tenor Saxophones, Varitone  /  Manu Dibango - Organ, Piano, Tenoe Saxophone  /  Slim Pezin - Guitar  /  Bill Thomas - Guitar  /  Richard Raux - Tenor Saxophone  /  Lucien Dobat - Drums  /  Bernard Estardy - Hammond Organ, Piano  /  Pierre Holassian - Saxophone  /  Francis Cournet - Saxophone
Final Mix & Mastering:
Thomas Stiehler, Stockinger Mastering, Berlin

Music Samplers mp3 - under construction
Red Light Blues Night - Intro / Lawdy Rolla
Wanna Be Yo' Doctor
Poontang (Talkin' 'Bout)
Flyin' Squad
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