Vero Vogel

Born in a little village in Sauerland, Germany she started singing in the churchchoir and played a little piano before she got a guitar at 15 years.
After Highschool she moved to Berlin to study History and English.
But her love for music was stronger. She took her guitar and travelled for one year through India.

Back to Berlin, inspired by Indian music and culture she developed an open ear for different musicstyles, by playing with musicians from all over the world.

1983 she moved to Freiburg, Germany and studied Guitar and Singing for 3 Semesters.

After she returned to Berlin she met the Saxplayer Tina Wrase, who was her musical companion for 17 years.
They went to London in 1986 and had regular gigs with the Jazz Duo and continued studying music.

1988 Veronika's daughter Lea Robina was born in Berlin.

From 1990 till1993 Veronika studied Rhythmik with Prof. Krause Wichert.
In 1995 Veronika started with a new instrument, the Saz (turkish strings instrument) which she played then regularly in the band NUBUN.

Since 1990 Veronika is Teacher for Voice and Guitar at the School Of Music Wilmersdorf -Charlottenburg, in Berlin, Germany.

Music projects since 1984:
NUBUN  (curdish music with new elements)
I Jang CO  (African drumming and dance)
SCHÖN BLOND  (German Rock Band with Major record Deal -East West)
Guardians of the groove  (Berlin Funk band)
Daddy Hemingway & His Blackriders Orchestra  (Blues)
Rashidii Graffiti Band  (Blues)
Nina Hill Band  (R&B)
Tour with support band for D`Angelo
Edel Dr. Samba Trio  (Brasilian Samba)
Poetry and Jazz with Corbett Santana-Anthony Baguette
Jazz Duo with saxophonist Tina Wrase
INTERPLAY - founded by Veronika Vogel & the pianist Carolyn del Rosario in 2002. They play their own compositions.

Tours and festivals since 1984:
England, Suisse, France, Hongkong, Marokko, Egypt, U.S.A.(Michigan), Jerusalem