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R.B.Hudson High School - Selma, Alabama
Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachuetts
Three Years, Music Major with special studies in Piano, Organ, Voice and Conducting.
The Juilliard School - New York, New York
Bachelor of Arts in Choral Conducting (graduate credit earned)
Abraham Kaplan, teacher
Graduate Student and Teaching Fellow in Choral Conducting
Master of Arts in Choral Conducting pending, Richard Westenburg, teacher.


Ms. Brown was born in Selma, Alabama USA where she excelled in music at an early age.  Ms. Brown became the organist for her church at age 12 and while in high school, she worked as the Director of Chapel Music for Craig Air Force Base. Also while in high school she  performed as an accompanist and student director for the R. B. Hudson High School Concert Choir. Ms. Brown attended Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts as a National Achievement Scholar where she studied piano, organ, voice and conducting.
Transferring from Mt. Holyoke, she received her Bachelor of Music Degree from The Juilliard School in Lincoln Center, New York City as a conducting student of ABE KAPLAN. She returned more than a decade later as a graduate student and teaching fellow under RICHARD WESTENBURG.
Ms. Brown has performed internationally as a pianist/musical director.  As the musical director for JEREE PALMER and RONNIE DYSON, Ms. Brown has done shows opening for JOEL GREY, DAVID BRENNER, BILL COSBY, NATALIE COLE, PHYLLIS DILLER, THE SPINNERS, JERRY LEWIS and THE MERV GRIFFIN SHOW.
Ms. Brown has been the keyboardist and musical director for CUBA GOODING & THE MAIN INGREDIENTS who often did shows at the APOLLO THEATRE and THE BEACON THEATRE on Broadway in New York City, THE SANDS HOTEL in Las Vegas and clubs in Detroit, Canada and New York City. (CUBA GOODING is the father of Oscar-Award winning movie star, CUBA GOODING, JR. “Show me the money”).
Ms. Brown was Assistant Artistic Director/Pianist for THE BOYS' CHOIR OF HARLEM and in 1982 toured the European Jazz Festivals with HANNIBAL PETERSON and The Boy's Choir of Harlem. While with the Boy's Choir, Ms. Brown did two performances at the Regan WHITE HOUSE.
Ms. Brown has done numerous performances and shows in and around New York City including the THE VILLAGE GATE, SWEETWATERS, THE COTTON CLUB, AMAS THEATER, and THE BILLY HOLIDAY THEATER. Most notably on the musical theater scene (afterall, New York is a theater town), Ms. Brown worked as an audition pianist and in the Broadway production of SOPHISTICATED LADIES and off-Broadway productions of MAMA, I WANT TO SING, TAMBOURINES TO GLORY, LATE GREAT LADIES OF SOUL, starring movie actress SANDRA REEVES-PHILIPS, MISS WATERS TO YOU, PRIME TIME, GOLDEN BOY with Hollywood actor, OBBA BABATUNDE, HOW DO YOU SPELL WATERGATE with lead singer VICTOR WILLIS from the VILLAGE PEOPLE, AND I AIN'T FINISHED YET, starring Oscar-Award Winner, LYNN THIGPEN to name a few.
As a Minister of Music and Church Organist, Ms. Brown has prepared and conducted REQUIEM by MOZART for the ROSEVILLE PRESBYTERIAN CONCERT CHOIR AND ORCHESTRA. She has prepared groups for performances of such classical pieces as LES NOCES by STRAVINSKY, MESSIAH by HANDEL and REQUIEM by VERDI. She has started several gospel groups including THE MARTIN LUTHER KING SINGERS, the SOUTHERN BAPTIST VOICES OF PRAISE and the MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE GOSPEL CHOIR.
Ms. Brown has done three tours throughout Europe as the Musical Director of the GERSHWIN GALA, a beautifully staged show of the music of George Gershwin produced by SCALA THEATRE, Basel, Switzerland.  Ms. Brown has produced three gospel albums for THE GOSPEL PEARLS and is currently working on a solo album.
When Ms. Brown is not on tour, she is a sought-after pianist/singer in prestigious Piano Bars in Lucerne, Montreaux and Gstaad Switzerland as well as Zurs, Austria and Berlin, Germany.
Ms. Brown is currently mounting a new show, BLACK GOLD, a song and dance review of R&B from the last four decades.