February 2006
24. / 25. / 26.

Begin   6 p.m.
DADDY HEMINGWAY PLAYS The Olympics In Turin (Torino), Italy
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Società Canottieri Esperia Torino
The Saxony House In Torino
Where We'll Play:
The name of the location is
Società Canottieri Esperia Torino - "The Saxon House In Turin"
It is the building of Turin's biggest rowing club.
here's the address:
Corso Moncalieri 2
10131 Torino
The wonderfull building is located right in the heart of Turin, but on the 'quiet site' of the river Po opposite the famous 'Murazzi', between the bridge Umberto I and Vittorio Emmanuele I.  Murazzi named the walls, on the left site of the river, in which are built in restaurants & taverns.
Inside the Saxony House in Torino where Daddy & His Blackriders will play
Briefly, this note from Saxony:
"Saxony, not only an attractive location for business, science and art, has always been an equally traditional and successful sporting region. In 2006, the Saxons are taking the opportunity of a great modern sporting event – the Olympic Games – to present Saxony in Turin as a fascinating, innovative location; both to the competitors from all over the world and to the Italian hosts of the Games. This is the first time Saxony will highlight its assets outside the contests as well, setting up a "Saxon House" at the XXth Olympic Winter Games in Turin. Located right in the centre of the city, this 'House' will be a meeting place for people from the fields of sport, business, politics, the media and visitors from all over the globe."
"Live music, discussion rounds or fine food and drink – you will be able to experience that special Olympic feeling in Saxon House. Our attractive programme lends the ideal accompaniment to Saxon encounters during the Turin Olympic Games. Watch the Games on our big screen in Saxon House. And see sporting personalities, journalists, trainers and politicians – as well as fascinating interviews on our Olympics stage in the concert hall."


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