Daddy Hemingway, Deutsche Oper Berlin, 2000
“Le chanteur Robin Hemingway (Americain) est l'une des locomotives du nouveau Berlin. Nuits de Blues avec son orchestre. «

„A big, warm voice.“
…Figaro newspaper, Paris
Berlin,Germany... 2000. Onstage the feeling was electric! A 35-piece orchestra playing, DADDY HEMINGWAY singing, an audience representing a who's who of Culture in Germany, headed by Germany's Minister of Culture, paying homage to Blues In The Opera - RED LIGHT, BLUES NIGHT!

Red Light Blues Night 2000 in Berlin, Germany

Blues Meets Classic
Daddy Hemingway to the right, Minister of Culture of Germany to the left.
German Newspaper

Where Wotan Thunders:
King Of The Berlin Scene Robin Hemingway Meets Writer Peter Schneider
By " Red Light Blues Night "
A small crowd of people gathered in the lobby and stood before the closed doors of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, among them Germany's Minister of Culture, Michael Naumann. He was casually dressed, in Jeans and unofficial, totally opposite to the way many of the others who were waiting were dressed. Everyone was waiting to enter "Red Light, Blues Night". A Blues night in the Oper? A nightclub on the main stage where normally Gods such as Wotan bellow? Let us surprised.
First, like always, you take the stairs up from the lobby, but then at the first landing, the audience is redirected - through the stage door! Suddenly, you were standing in a huge hall, next to a small stage. The floor is red, and spread before you lies a stylish ballroom, a bar, little tables everywhere, and a large , roomy dance floor. Only when you looked above your head was one reminded of where you was. From the ceiling hung parts of scenery and endless rows of spotlight. We find ourselves standing right where Wagner's Nibelungen fight, prima donnas and Rosencavaliers' voices trumpet and large choruses march around singing. The main stage of the opera is a nightclub tonight.
Behind the stage for the Blackriders orchestra rise skycrapers. A cool version of Horace Silver's "Song For My Father" comes from DJ Zakey's turntables. All the tables are quickly filled and Robin Hemingway steps on stage. The American blues singer with an office in Berlin introduces his friend Peter Schneider, and sings three original blues songs (duos, accompanied in order by guitarist Veronika Vogel, pianist Christophe Sorci, and guitarist Loomis Green).
Schneider, the writer of popular German novels with political east-west themes such as "The Wall Jumper" told a pair of short blues anecdotes and recited an early blues poem of his.
With an Opera version of "Summertime", Marisa Turner began her part of the show and segued into a funky, gospel "Summertime". After she went off, master of ceremonies Peter Schneider reminisced about June 2, 1967 when he stood in front of the Deutsche Oper as part of a student demonstration with others against the Shah of Iran. It was the jumping-off point for the student movement's demonstrations in West Germany.
"I am proud of 1968," emphazised Schneider, and asked aloud if there was anybody in the audience who had also stood on the outside of the Deutsche Oper. The question remained unanswered, Minister of Culture Naumann beningly smiled, and the Blues took over the stage once more. This time the full Blackriders Orchestra with strings, conducted by Kevin McCutcheon, the 'Studienleiter' of the Opera house. "Mozart, Verdi, Puccini, all of them, except maybe Wagner, have opened wide doors to the Blues," asserted Schneider.
Soul singer Queen Yahna cast all ideas of culture and intrigue aside, and with her "Bottle Breaking Blues" brought the audience out on the dance floor. It is long after one o' clock in the morning, the writer and ex-book publisher now in the Ministeramt chatted amiably with each other and the red light of the Blues night was still glowing bright, not yet extinguished.
29 June 2000,  Berliner Morgenpost

Probe"... 20 streicher & 20 weitere musiker führen durch die welt des blues im weitesten sinne..."

"Die kulisse auf der bühne gleicht einer mischung aus dem New Yorker Cotton Club und dem Rainbowroom, ein ambiente aus verrauchten bars und düsterer rotlichtstimmung."
Ganz im sinne des weltenbummlers Hemingway, gewann er seinen freund, den dirigenten Kevin McCutcheon die orchesterleitung zu übernehmen, für diesen hochmusikalischen stil mix.

Voranzeige im TIP
Vorankündigung für die RED LIGHT BLUES NIGHT im Berliner TIP - MAGAZIN.
The soul & gospel singer Queen Yahna (also from Pennsylvania) sang in the Tränenpalast in 1996 to a full house "Blue Valentine" concert as soloist with the Blackriders Orchestra, and has performed several times with Hemingway & his orchestra.

Daddy Hemingway & His Blackriders Orchestra (USA)
Easy Goin' (Germany) / Marisa Turner (USA)
Detroit Gary Wiggins (USA)
Queen Yahna (USA)
Darryl Read & The Blackcats (U.K.)
Peter Schneider (Germany)
Strings of the Berliner Ärzteorchester (Germany)
Bläserquintett, Carl-Philip-Emanuel Bach Gymnasium, Berlin-Mitte
Dirigent: Studienleiter, Deutsche Oper Berlin & Dirigent, Berliner Ärzteorchester,
Kevin McCutcheon (USA)

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