Absender: "twin xx"
Datum: 29. Juni 2000  00:02
Betreff:  heavenly blues and much ado

Dear Robin
I just wanted to say what an amazing!!! evening you put on last night. A HUGE effort and from what I could see, it went down extremely well.
( how could it not ! )
I was verry happy to be a humble part of it all and I really hope everything pays off for you both.
I wish you lots of undisturbed sleep and sweet erholsame dreams
take care
michaela /twin
Datum:  28. Juni 2000  11:03
Betreff:  Well !!!

Hi Robin
Well, you tried and it came out really, really nice. I would have wished you a livelier audience though. Oh the Germans !
thanks for a great evening, thanks to the lovely Kathrin too.
Love, Annie
From: detlef.berlin
Date:  Wed, 29 Jan 2003  9:48 EST

Dear All at Cinédisc Studios
Happy New Year & Best Wishes For 2003 for you as well !!
By the way;: Is a new concert planned with Robin and his band in Berlin maybe at the Deutsche Oper ? I liked the concerts a lot in the past.
Best wishes from Berlin
Detlef Kurth
Webmaster Deutsche Oper Berlin
From: cendres lavy
Date:   Mon, 18 Apr 2005

Comments: salut christophe !
t'es dans le coin ?
> cendres lavy

20. April 2005
Salut Cendres Lavy!
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Katrin, The Blackriders Webmaster.
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From: Sißn Bitch
Date:   Fri, 3 Jun 2005 18:24

Hey. nigger! Whacha'all doin' that feckin' hip-hop shit fo, man? I jest luv yo shit -you jest stick to dat shit, man! And you be doin' fine! Ah luv's ya. baby!
Please put me on the door fo' the nex Londin gig an' ah'll luv you forever, man...xx
Email: 12bars@cinedisc.us
Date:Fri 01 Dec 2006 03:39:34 PM EST

Comments: HANS "ERBSE" MOSER, 1962-2006: R.I.P.
November 29th Daddy traveled to Leipzig to visit an old friend for the last time and celebrate his passing. At the Sudfriedhof in Leipzig in the chapel was a moving ceremony with more than 250 friends in attendance. Three musicians performed music associated with "Erbse" and remembrances were read. Everyone walked to the gravesite, dropped their flowers and/or paid their respects. Then the gathering moved to a 'kneipe' called West Gohlis where everyone ate kasseler & sauerkraut, drank too much beer and sang the Blues all night long. First group up were members, past & present, of the Mama Basuto Bluesband (including Daddy Hemingway!) and they rocked the house. Daddy sang a rocking Blues called "Goin' Down The Road" in honor of the departed bassplayer, and Michael Malditz & Big Joe Stolle sang a Moser favorite "Every Day I Have The Blues" - Thilo Klemm's guitar sang through the crowd and Bernd on drums was all-powerful...

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