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Old family friend Junior Marvin, former lead guitarist for T-Bone Walker & Bob Marley, comes to Berlin, Germany in Febuary 2008 to record with Daddy Hemingway. He has a new cd coming out. Check his website for further news. Junior is on the right, on the left Bob Marley.
Bob & Junior
You Need An American Specialist For Your Car In Berlin, Germany?

We Know The Best Man In Town!
Daddy is driving a Cadillac around town, & he knows, for sure, the best adress in Berlin when you need a tip on what to do for your car, or if you, heavens sake, need service or a repair!

Film Review By Lodger
Lodger reviews all the films that are fit (and sometimes unfit) to view. Trust Lodger not to knuckle under to the Hollywood bigwigs and independent insiders.
He's gonna tell it like it is!

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