Daddy Hemingway, Music Director, Foto By Guido Schirmeyer, All Rights Reserved 2005

The Mainstays:

Daddy Hemingway, on vocals & kazoo, band leader & music director of Paris Bar
Christophe Sorci, klaviers & vocals
Steve Niles, klaviers & vocals
Renard Hoover, guitars & shouts
Veronika Vogel, Fender & Norton midi guitars, vocals

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Vero, Toulouse 2004
Fender & Norton Midi Guitar
& Vocals
German by birth, and a confirmed Blues guitarist by profession. She also plays a Kurdish instrument, the Sas, and sings. "I love the Blues", says she in her husky voice. A tall, attractive blonde, her long fingers wield a magic power with her guitar. In her late thirties, she feels her best playing years are yet to come.

Christophe 2007
Piano, Keyboards & Vocals

Christophe Sorci was born in France and studied piano long arduous hours. Considered a master on his instrument, Christophe also plays guitar and his his own rock & roll band. He has played together with Daddy Hemingway since 1990.
Renard in the Restaurant Cassambalis, Douglas Dinner Party, Nov. 2006
Guitars & Shouts
From left: Thomas Stiehler - Daddy Hemingway - Vero Vogel - Christophe Sorci - Renard Hoover, Goethe Institut
Illustrious alumni & guests include:
Steve Niles (USA), piano, keyboards
Ms. Donna Brown (USA), piano, keyboards & vocals  (gospel piano)
Queen Yahna (USA), vocals (blues & gospel)
Gary Wiggins (USA), tenor saxophones (midi) (jazz standards, free style)
Jean Dikoto Mandengué (Cameroun), bass guitar
Kevin McCutcheon, concert piano & keyboards, (classic music)
Varick Grant (USA), cello & bass guitar
Rico McClarrin (USA), drums & vocals, drums, talking drum & percussion (funk & soul)
Zam Johnson (USA), drums & percussion
Rolf Eden (Germany), piano, keyboards & vocals, (Berliner songs)

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Moh (Egypt),
Barkeeper by profession, top level
(Ex-Le Bar Du Paris Bar)

If you wish you book him too.
One of the top ten barkeepers in town (Berlin).

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