"Soul in the voice, Blues in the blood- That is Robin Hemingway"
....Berliner Zeitung, Berlin, Germany….

"Blues is a drug that starts working at midnight.
Standing there was Hemingway."
.....Leipziger Volkszeitung, Leipzig, Germany


Lead Singer DADDY HEMINGWAY was born in Boston, Mass. and attended local Boston schools. He began singing in church and in school, continuing on the streetcorners of Boston's Roxbury district with his acapella group, “The Matadors.”
A member of the Beat Poets who read in New York City coffeehouses (along with Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Ted Joans, Ray Bremser, Leroi Jones, etc.) in the late fifties-early sixties, he managed & promoted bands out of Boston & New York, making money so he could write poetry. Most notable were Roy Haynes' early quartets (with Eric Dolphy & Richard Wyands), John Coltrane's 'Love Supreme' quartet, T-Bone Walker's Paris, France & Boston, Mass. bands (1968-1974). He was also bluessinger Taj Mahal's "manager" & consultant on local Massachusetts  gigs when Taj was studying  at Mass U. Taj & Daddy also did a live Blues program once a week, in this period, over the Wellesley Girls College radio station!

Hemingway grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and attended local schools & Boston Children's Theatre school as a child, appearing on local TV regularly. Playing clarinet from the age of 9, he always heard music running around in his brain and has always tried to get it out: "That's why I became a record producer!" he laughs.
As a producer in the UK he was smack in the middle of things, producing records in England during the Carnaby Street (1967-68) era, working for such illustrious clients as the Beatles' Apple Music (Artist: Eddie Thornton), EMI Records (Artists: Herbie Goins & Nighttimers, Tony Wilson), RCA Records (Artist: Riff-Raff), breaking in then-15 year-old rocker Darryl Read. His music publishing was administered by Robert Stigwood (Bee-Gees, Cream, Clapton, etc.), and his record production was managed by Michael Jeffries, (Soft Machine, Eric Burdon & The New Animals, Jimi Hendrix).
The last time Daddy Hemingway saw Jimi Hendrix, Hendrix told him where T-Bone Walker was staying in Paris. And gave him a phone number. Jeffries found him a production job for an English record label  to make an album in Paris, to cover the flight & hotel, and off he went.
May 1968. Paris exploding in a 'riotlution' and Hemingway stranded in Paris. NO planes, NO banks, he turned to cooking soulfood for a living at American expatriate Leroy Haynes' restaurant. He paid studio & musicians for T-Bone Walker's new album that would win a Grammy Award (1971) by cooking chitlins, an' fried chicken, an' cornbread. Appropriate for the Blues……
As record producer & arranger, his Paris, France recording of T-Bone Walker ('Good Feelin') won a Grammy Award in the category 'Best Ethnic Or Traditional Recording-1970'.
He started his own band known as The Blackriders in Boston in 1974, and worked with them off and on up to the Eighties, releasing singles in France in 1978 & 1979 on his own Cinedisc label, distributed by a French major, Musidisc. He started up the band again in Paris in 1991, and then moved it to Berlin where he could find work for such a large eclectic Blues ensemble.

Straddling the oceans with one foot in Malibu, California and the other in Berlin, Germany, The BLACKRIDERS ORCHESTRA began real professional life in Paris, France in 1991.
The successor to previous bands formed and headed by Bluessinger DADDY HEMINGWAY (MALIBU LIMOUSINE, HEMINGWAY, CAFE HEMINGWAY ORCHESTRA, GUERILLAS, BLACKEYED PEAS, etc.), the band was soon playing all the temples of Blues & Jazz in Paris (Latitudes, New Morning, Trois Maillets, Bilbouquet, etc.).
Daddy Hemingway, Christophe Sorci, Lucien Dobat, Jean Mandengue Dikoto in 1990

In 1993, the BLACKRIDERS ORCHESTRA changed European headquarters from Paris, France to Berlin, Germany, celebrating their arrival with two star-studded, packed concerts in East Berlin's Tränenpalast (Palace of Tears). Berlin society embraced them with open arms, opening the door to concerts from Theodor-Heuss Platz (Opening of Theodor Restaurant - outdoors - New Year's eve 1993-1994) in Berlin-West to Potsdamer Platz (Opening of Sony Style store, April 2000) in Berlin-East.
Popular in the former DDR (where Blues was officially considered as one of the few cultural arts the United States has given to the world), the Blackriders Orchestra traveled to Leipzig, Dresden, Rostock, Cottbus & other locations in the eastern part of the new Germany, and performed for the 50th anniversary of Berlin's Ausländischer Presse Verein (Foreign Correspondents Association) in the Staatsratsgebäude - East-Germany's 'White House' - as well as two unusual appearances onstage at the Deutsche Oper Berlin opera house.

In 1999 a test CD single was released in the New York/ Washington, D.C. area entitled "BLACKRIDERS TANGO" and it included the song 'ODE TO PRESIDENT CLINTON (BUBBA, SAVE THE WORLD!)'. A copy was sent to the White House and President Clinton promptly replied, thanking the orchestra for the song. The song was critical of him and implored him to get off his *** and do his job. This song was a combination of Hip-Hop & Blues, and is a recurring music the Blackriders come back to time & time again.

The second "Red Light, Blues Night" was held in Berlin on the 29 November 2000, and Hemingway along with recording engineer Thomas Stiehler mixed and mastered these recordings in Berlin, Malibu & Paris over 2001-2003. Hemingway, while in the Malibu, California headquarters, also prepped a future Blackriders Orchestra's release, "Tales Of The South,” featuring the full orchestra at the Deutsche Opera!
 Daddy Hemingway worked with Roy Haynes, John Coltrane, T-Bone Walker; ….
And he produced and arranged Walker's Grammy-winning (1970) lp 'Good Feelin', writing three songs.
Produced and arranged Hal 'Cornbread' Singer's lp "Paris Soul Food," writing four songs, which won France's Prix du Jazz International (1969).

In London he established a publishing company with Robert Stigwood's RSO. Hemingway also produced two albums in Paris, France with jazz pianist Randy Weston, and in London (UK), singles for the Beatles' Apple Music (including Eddie 'Ton-Ton' Thornton's "Cool It Down, Pretty Baby"), Polydor-France (Blackeyed Peas' "Sad Black Tune"), EMI-London (Tony Wilson's "Rainbow City"), Liberty/UA-Germany (Robert Patterson Singers' "Sad Black Tune"), CBS-Greece (Scraptown's "Rules Of The Game") among others.

After T-Bone Walker's death in 1975 he began concentrating on his own music more, and on producing music for other people less, although 6 months of 1975 were spent in Jamaica recording Count Ossie & Mystic Revelation of Rastafari's 2nd lp: “Tales Of Mozambique."

1977 was spent in Hollywood working at Paramount Pictures Studios on Stigwood's "Saturday Night Fever" film as an uncredited consultant responsible for the film's mix and Dolby soundtrack balance. He also worked as consultant to Paramount's Post-Production head, Senior V.P. Paul Haggar.
He eventually got out of all his production contracts, and now concentrates solely on his singing and his orchestra.
His vocals, songwriting & creative decisions, and production, drive the Blackriders Orchestra. Some of the band (Jean Dikoto, Hartley Severns, Hugh Norton) are the remnants of the late T-Bone Walker's touring and recording bands, plus the new female guitarist, Veronika Vogel, conductor Kevin McCutcheon, the strings and other musicians, some Americans, some German, some “Martian,” who live in Berlin. The band developed, in the last 3-4 years of touring Germany, to the stature of playing opera houses.

The last such dates were at the Deutsche Oper Berlin twice  in 2000. Until the end of 2001, Daddy Hemingway's concentration was on studio recording in the U.S., rewriting the dialogue for a Hemingway opera, "RED LIGHT, BLUES NIGHT," and re-establishing the Blackriders Orchestra, promotion & publicity-wise, in their home country, after years of  performing with Paris London & Berlin as bases.
The Blackriders Garageband website in the US has brought many new fans who voted in favour of their style of the Blues. Read what they say by going to: www.garageband.com/artist/Hemingway.

Daddy Hemingway at the famous jazz club 'Birdland' in New York with the Duke Ellington Band, here joking with the road manager on stage.

DADDY HEMINGWAY & His BLACKRIDERS ORCHESTRA have the scope of no bluesband you've ever heard. Going from downhome Delta and touching on New Wave and Hip Hop at times, the BLACKRIDERS' music defies description! Blues, Blues, BLUES!

June 2001 was  the return of The BLACKRIDERS to Malibu, California where Hemingway gathered material & wrote new songs for his orchestra.
After fruitless negotiations in L.A.., he's still seeking an international agent with vision to realize: "The Blues doesn't have to struggle or play dingy little clubs to be authentic", says Hemingway. "You can play your music in an Opera house, or even in Las Vegas!"

Daddy Hemingway in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin...

This versatility is shown once again by  a song to be released worldwide in 2008 as a single: "ELLE S'EN VA (SHE LEFT ALONE),”  where Daddy Hemingway is featured singing in English & French, accompanied by  music (produced by Dr. Dre's personal Hip-Hop genie, Colin Wolfe) of a West Coast-style Hip-Hop dance track, and L.A. rapper Jimmy Quill's powerful rap performance.
To be released on the same cd as “BLUES FO' DUBYA (BLUES FO' BAGHDAD)” the Hip-Hop of “Elle” & the Trip-Hop of “Dubya complement the Blues. Watch for it!

"blues fo' dubya"(c)2006
"elle s'en va" (c)2006

you can sample some of the tracks right here in this website: GO TO this page!

"Blues For The Joes" / Live In Concert Leipzig, Germany

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